Alemattec Services Movie . . .

Puppet Master (Pay Master) George Soros Paid Puppet Master Barack HUSSEIN Obama To Settle 100s of Thousand Of Islamist From Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and Bhutan--Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement, 2014 . . .

ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE!--The JESUITS Rule The World, And Jesuit Georgetown Controls America And The World, December 25, 2014 . . .

Why did Papal Knight (Knight of Malta) Chief Justice John Roberts Vote For ObamaCare, Roberts Saved ObamaCare TWICE!, His Wife Is JESUIT Trained!

Jane Sullivan Roberts (Education)

High School: (Catholic high school)
University: JESUIT--College of the Holy Cross (1976)
University: University of Melbourne
University: Brown University
Law School: JESUIT--Georgetown University Law School (1984)
Administrator: Trustee, JESUIT--College of the Holy Cross (2001-), July 18, 2013 . . .

Like the notorious Chief Justice John Marshall who pretended to oppose slavery while voting against slaves in every case, Chief Justice John Roberts pretends to oppose abortion while voting in the last few years for the pro-abortion side every single time, most recently in voting unsuccessfully to block a pro-life Texas law on September 1, 2021, in Whole Woman's Health et al. v. Austin Reeve Jackson, Judge (No. 21A24). John Roberts.htm

HINT--JESUITS--Along With Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Congress, And The Federal Reserve--Heist! Who Stole the American Dream, October 16, 2011 . . .

George Soros The Paymaster, The Puppet Master . . .

George Soros Caught Yanking Clinton’s Puppet Strings.htm

Obama, the puppet master.htm

Fox News removes cartoon depicting George Soros as a puppet master after ADL complains.htm

A.f. Branco Cartoon – Pulling the Strings.htm

George Soros: The Puppet Master.htm

George Soros: The billionaire who broke the Bank of England still bets big and shoots from the hip.htm

Vatican-sponsored conference criticizes Trump orders.htm

George Soros to launch aggressive plan to suppress pro-life laws in Catholic countries.htm

BREAKING: Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid $650K to influence bishops during Pope’s US visit.htm

George Soros has blood on his hands for the rise in killings nationwide.htm

List Of 190 Cities Where Obama Will Be Placing Syrian Muslim Refugees.htm

Obama raises refugee goal to 110,000, infuriating GOP.htm

How Many Muslim Immigrants Has Obama Admitted? Here’s What Congress Just Learned.htm

Hacked Memo: George Soros Lobbied Obama To Accept 100,000 Refugees Per Year — and Succeede.htm

U.S. Will Accept More Refugees as Crisis Grows.htm

U.S. gives $419 million more to aid Syrian refugees.htm

99 Percent Muslim, 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama.htm

Jesuit Rule of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.htm

JESUIT ALERT and They Are Under Every Rock! Wife of Chief Justice John Roberts.htm

Barack HUSSEIN Obama's Administration & Mexico Conspire to Get Mexicans in U.S. on Food Stamps . . . Rick Perry stands by Obama immigration conspiracy theory . . . .doc

https://www.alemattec.com/How America Treats Illegal Aliens vs. Veterans . . . Tribute money . . . Governments . . . .doc

Revelation 18:23
23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

( . . . for by thy SORCERIES (PHARMACIES) were all nations deceived.) SORCERIES in the Greek is the word: Pharmakeia which is translated into English as Pharmacy means the use of medicine, drugs or spells -- associated with WITCHCRAFT -- magic, sorcery, enchantment ...(Exodus 22:18; John 8:32; John 14:17; John 8:36. So, the antiChrist uses SORCERIES (PHARMACIES) to DECEIVE the whole world, takes over the world, to have the world (satan's family--those NOT BORN AGAIN, NOT CHRISTIAN,) worship him, by accepting his mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17.)

John 8:32
32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 14:6
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

John 8:36
36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

A Black Female SCOTUS Judge Won’t Do a Darn Thing to Help Blacks.htm

Majority of Americans want Biden to consider 'all possible nominees' for Supreme Court vacancy: POLL.htm

Biden Doubles Down On Racism And Sexism On Potential Supreme Court Choice.htm

Biden’s Pledge To Nominate A Black Woman For SCOTUS Is Racist And Sexist.htm

Historically, the United States has been most likely the least racist country in the world. A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries.htm

A revealing map of the world’s most and least ethnically diverse countries.htm

Most Americans say colleges should not consider race or ethnicity in admissions.htm

U.S. Approval of Interracial Marriage at New High of 94 Percent.htm

Even though whites are almost 70% of the population, the percentage of white crime is lower than their overall percent of the population. Blacks are roughly 12 percent of the population and black crime is two to three times their overall population. GET THE FACTS: Crime in America by Race.htm

Joe Biden's 'MASSIVE RALLIES, SUCH HUGE TURNOUTS in Atlanta, GA Prove he and these Communist Senators Warnock and Ossoff REALLY WON their runoff election . . . NOT!', December 15, 2020.htm

Stop the Steal! Expert Mathematician 'Impossible' For Biden's Numbers To Occur Naturally. Looked at Election Precinct by Precinct. Flip COULD NOT BE DONE BY A HUMAN. Had to be done with a computer algorithm!.htm

Movie Most Important.htm

The 'pope' IS the man of sin, the antiChrist . . . 'Disaster Joe' Biden, possible scenario, just my guess, but in no way does it predict the future. Just a possible scenario, 22AUG21.htm

The Billy Graham Organization and the Jesuits, the Papacy, the Roman Catholic 'church' together moving the Protestants on the Road to Rome . . . .htm

Jesuit Pope Francis Grand Master of The Knights Templar--Freemasons .htm

Note:  PARTIAL Truth, although Truth, can easily be used as deception! That's why the Apostle Paul declared, Acts 20:27.   Satan, in the Garden of Eden, used PARTIAL Truth which deceived Eve, Genesis 3:1-24.   Satan quotes Holy Scripture, and again used PARTIAL Truth to try and deceived the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth -- as if that was possible, Matthew 4:1-10.

Jesuit Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.D. Knowlingly Told all American Medical Doctors To Use Lethal Unapproved Medicine Remdesivir, Depopulating the U.S.A., August 16, 2021.htm

We've been lied to from the VERY BEGINNING about the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. The reason--A TAKE DOWN of the U.S.A by Communists in our Government and the world through the W.H.O.

To see the world Communist takeover of the United States of America, aka: The Great Reset, led by the Chinese Communist Party, CCP. CCP uniting BOTH left and right wings, even parts of our military and the F.B.I., the Democrats and "Republicans in Name Only, R.I.N.Os," Ukrainian's, Hong Kong agents, LGBT+a groups, including the gay Lincoln Project ALL organized and working as a united front. Antifa working together with Proud Boys and others, along with Labor Unions, tech companies, and weaponizing military technology against Americans using ALL of this against President Donald J. Trump to insure the Coup d'état . . .

Premiere Watch Party PSYOP THE STEAL--Millennial Millie--February 23, 2021.htm

The Next Revolution Steve Hilton--Race, Hypocrisy--What Democrats blame Republicans FOR doing IS WHAT Democrats ARE DOING! April 25, 2021 . . ..htm

WE'VE ALL BEEN PLAYED! Propaganda Media, Geopolitics, Synthetic Terror & Interventionism BS, Military Industrial Complex, Military Mind Control & PsyOps, Surveillance State, Unrestricted Warfare--WE'VE ALL BEEN PLAYED! ASHLI BABBITT DID NOT DIE! Everything Wrong with the Capitol Shooting in 21 Minutes--February 7, 2021..htm

Vaccine Hesitant--US Researchers Are Engineering Lettuce and Spinach to Carry mRNA COVID Jabs.pdf

Grow and eat your own vaccines--Grant enables study of plants as mRNA factories.pdf

Congressman Greg Steube (R-FL) 'Whenever a nation's laws no longer reflect the standards of God that nation is in rebellion against Him. . .' Dem. Rep. Jerry Nadler, 'God's Will is No Concern of This Congress!' February 26, 2021.htm

United Methodist conservatives detail plans for a breakaway.doc

Thomas Paine--'When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.'--Shadows of Liberty, May, 2012.htm

President Donald J. Trump as Batman, Newmax's Benny Johnson, Feb 27, 2021.htm

Sidney Powell- Tom Fitton- Lou Dobbs -- Discuss CIA's Election Tools To Overthrow Elections of Foreign Governments named Hammer & Scorecard against President Trump, Nov 6, 2020.htm

BANG! SMOKING GUN! Electronic Vote Fraud in Kentucky Caught live on CNN--Communist News Network--Using HAMMER and SCORECARD!.htm

The Plot Against The President -- Amazon held release for 12 days saying it needed a, 'Content Review' before allowing it on Amazon Prime, 17Oct20.htm

WHO looks at possible 'e-vaccination certificates' for international travel during coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19: WHO races to develop vaccination card.htm

The CDC Is America's New Landlord.htm

Climate refugees? Biden Executive Order wants study on resettling those 'displaced' by climate change.htm


Pope Francis isn't holding back on climate change.htm

Global warming, NOT!.htm

Level-headed Climate Scientists on Global Warming.htm


Barack HUSSEIN Obama bashed Climate Change 'deniers'!.htm

Probable cases and deaths count of Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus, Covid-19 . . . The whole thing is both political and a scam. The World Economic Forum -- The Great Reset!

Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus, Covid 19 Vaccine, Dr. Tenpenny guest of Reinette Senum. Many more Covid 19 Fatalities In 3-6 Months following Vaccination, February 10th, 2021.htm.

Sidney Powell- Tom Fitton- Lou Dobbs -- Discuss CIA's Election Tools To Overthrow Elections of Foreign Governments named Hammer & Scorecard against President Trump, Nov 6, 2020.htm

BANG! SMOKING GUN! Electronic Vote Fraud in Kentucky Caught live on CNN--Communist News Network--Using HAMMER and SCORECARD!.htm

The Plot Against The President -- Amazon held release for 12 days saying it needed a, 'Content Review' before allowing it on Amazon Prime, 17Oct20.htm

Black Paramilitary Group Marches Through Downtown Lafayette, LA -- Marxist Left Wanting a Race War . . .

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the race war that's coming to help take down the United States of America . . . .doc

Dr. Bill Warner - A Taste of Islam -- AN INTRODUCTION OF ISLAM that satanic false 'religion' i.e. -- political system. . . .htm

Islam -- the satanic, evil, wicked false 'religion'.htm. . .

Islam is based on a lie, their so called 'Sacred City of Mecca' is not sacred at all and it too is based on a complete lie!.htm

The 'pope' is claimed to be "the Lord our God," who presents himself as a counterfeit Christ, a rival Christ, having names of blasphemy . . .

The Roman Catholic "pope," a counterfeit Christ, a rival Christ, blasphemous "Man of Sin, " page #100. . .

The 'pope' IS the "Man of sin" . . .

The Roman Catholic "pope," the "Man of sin," page #108 . . .

The Roman Catholic "church," the Mystery of Iniquity . . .

The Roman Catholic "church," the "Mystery of Iniquity," page #111 . . .



Fear of the LORD.doc

Number murdered by the papacy. Also, Calvinist, Puritans, Huguenots, Waldenses and Albigenses all taught the pope was 'the antichrist,' and the church of Rome Babylon.doc

Reverend, fear Him . . . .doc

What could it cost you to be a Christian . . . .htm

Was the Emperor Nero 'the antiChrist' as some 'preach,' OR is it the 'pope' of Rome . . . .doc

The new world order, a false man-made religion, led by the Roman Catholic 'pope,' who IS the antiChrist . . . .doc

Number murdered by the papacy. Also, Calvinist, Puritans, Huguenots, Waldenses and Albigenses all taught the pope was 'the antichrist,' and the church of Rome Babylon.doc

Man of Sin revealed . . . Vicar of Christ, Vicar of the Son of God, Vicarious Christi, antiChrist, 'pope' of Rome, the Papacy . . . .doc

satanic hand signs -- 'pope' Francis Flashes satanic '666' hand sign at United States Congress at the EXACT moment speaks of his 'god'.htm


satanic hand signs.htm

Dr. John MacArthur - Is Speaking in Tongues Demonic today. . . .htm


The "pope" comes into the "churches" like Simon Mangus, who with sorcery was regarded as a god and honored with a statue on the island in the Tiber river which the two bridges cross, with the inscription -- Simoni Deo Sancto, "To Simon the Holy God" . . .
The Roman Catholic "pope' comes into the "churces" like Simon Mangus, to be worshiped as God, page #41 CHAP. XXIII. -- DOCTRINES AND PRACTICES OF SIMON MAGUS AND MENANDER. . . .

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