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Man Told By Black Women Sexual Statements Repeated . . .

Movie IconHonda, woman in yellow. . .htm

Document IconStupid white men, stupid fathers, LGBT, i.e. -- sodomites. Also, blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Islam, etc . . . and lies by the Obama Administration concerning race . . . .doc

Document Icon'Too Many White People in Top National Security Positions', Barack HUSSEIN Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice . . . .doc

Document IconObama's last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy . . . .doc

Document IconWas Mother Teresa actually sort of a jerk . . . Yes, but more than just a jerk.doc

Document IconRick Warren, false teacher of the Southern Baptist Convention . . . Joyce Meyer, 'little gods' . . . .doc

Document IconSecular humanism has displaced the Judeo-Christian world view.doc

Document IconProsperity 'gospel,' judge not . . . , stealing from by making merchandise, i.e. -- selling or hawking something false . . . , be content.doc

Document IconFalse Teachers (Not all of them).doc

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