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Gus Grisom Spoke Out, two years before 'perfect' mission to the moon . . .

Jesus Christ Eternally Refreshing Icon Which Mimics Coca-Cola LogoNASA, 'Buzz' Aldrin, Walt Disney, Masons, OPERATION PAPERCLIP, Nazi SS, Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun . . .htm

Movie IconJesuits, Freemasons, and NASA hoax . . . .htm

Movie IconFaked moon landing by the United States Government, Neil Armstrong and company, Monday July 21, 1969.htm

Movie IconNeil Armstrong - an ashamed man, why is the flag waving, no stars.htm

Movie IconFlag waving as astronauts suspended by wires goes by, no atmosphere, no wind, not 'accidental' breeze made by astronaut.htm

Movie IconYET ANOTHER AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FALSE FLAG . . . AstroNOTS!--British People Waking Up! America Unites! March, 2021 . . ..htm

Barack HUSSEIN Obama bashed Climate Change 'deniers'!.htm

Document IconGlobal warming, NOT!.doc

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