Creepy Joe Biden . . .


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Creepy Joe Biden . . .

Woman pushes "Creepy Joe" Biden's hands down from her breasts during photo op!

Department of Justice, DOJ, giving money from Bank Of America Settlement To Barack HUSSEIN Obama's Liberal Activist Groups, aka the former ACORN group . . . .doc

Look how the corrupt media spins -- Creepy 'Uncle Joe' Biden as he greets families of new Congress, Jan 4, 2013 . . .

Wealth of The Churches . . . Laodicea or Babylon.doc

Prosperity 'gospel,' judge not . . . , stealing from by making merchandise, i.e. -- selling or hawking something false . . . , be content.doc

Luke 4 and the 'prosperity gospel'.doc


Billy Graham and the Roman Catholics -- together . . . .doc

Creepy Joe Biden.htm

Creepy Joe Biden, 2.htm

Creepy Joe Biden, 2A.htm

Creepy Joe Biden, 2A1a.htm

Creepy Joe Biden, 3A.htm

Error of Balaam, filthy lucre.htm

Error of Balaam, filthy lucre, 2.htm

Error of Balaam, filthy lucre, 3.htm

Error of Balaam, filthy lucre, 4.htm

Error of Balaam, filthy lucre, 5.htm


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